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Abigail T. Stephan

Ph.D.; Certified Family Life Educator

My name is Abby Stephan, and I recently received my Ph.D. in Learning Sciences from the College of Education at Clemson University in South Carolina and became a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) through the National Council on Family Relations.

​After spending many of my early formative years within a multigenerational household and remaining close with my grandparents throughout adolescence and early adulthood, I set out to understand what makes intergenerational bonds so powerful and how to bolster these unique relationships. I primarily focus on these relationships in informal learning environments, including family and community settings.

I am also fascinated by human growth and development throughout the lifespan, with specific interest in learning processes, along with social and psychological well-being. I enjoy learning about these phenomena from and with collaborators, students, and research participants.

Outside of my professional research and teaching, you will most likely find me spending time with family and friends, taking my dog Kip for long walks, reading a good book, reorganizing (and color-coding!) my office, and/or listening to a podcast.

July 7, 2022

Episode 78. What Does it Mean to Be a Grandparent?

Welcome to Episode 78 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. Today's guest is Dr. Abigail Stephan. She earned her doctorate a few…

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