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Jasmine Jimenez


Recently Jasmine completed a few workshops where she was asked, what her purpose was, her answer was simple, “to create.” Making things happen, moving things forward, and progressing in all things is important to her. She had a close relationship with her grandma and knew many years ago that she would commemorate it somehow. In 2021 she wrote five stories and met with an editor who gave her confidence she had written something special, so she moved forward creating Eugenia’s Books. These books are based on true stories she heard from her grandmother growing up, and the character are based on her grandma at different stages in her life. Jasmine lives in San Diego with her partner of almost 20 years. Together they are creating a farm in Texas, where there are currently honey bee farmers

Aug. 25, 2022

Episode 85. Eugenia’s Books: True Stories about the Author’s Grandmot…

Welcome to Episode 85 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. I am your host, Carolyn Berry. Today's guest is Jasmine Jimenez, the…

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