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Feb. 26, 2021

Episode 8. Cousins Camp, Passports and Pacifiers

Episode 8. Cousins Camp, Passports and Pacifiers

Learn the ins and outs of hosting a camp for grandchildren and traveling internationally with four children.

Episode 8
Cousins Camp and Passports and Pacifiers
Guests: Jana Hletko and Kaitlyn Jain

Jana Hletko and Lynn Busby have written several books to help grandparents enhance their relationships with their children and grandchildren. The books are available from Amazon.com:

1. Cousins Camp 2.0
2. Special Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren
3. 22 Theme Nights for Grandparents and Grandchildren: How-To Guide for Planning Theme Dinner Parties, Including Decorations, Food, Games/Crafts
4. 100 Plus Things To Do With Your Grandchildren: A How-To Guide For Grandparents, By Grandparents
5. Holidays With Grandchildren: In Person or From a Distance
6. Postcards From Grandma (Illustrated): Including Over 400 Jokes for Grandchildren

E-mail: jphletko@aol.com

Kaitlyn Jain
Passports and Pacifiers: Traveling the World, One Tantrum at a Time

Website and social media links:
Website: www.kaitlynjain.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PassportsandPacifiers/
Twitter: @KaitlynJain

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